​Showing off their lean-to at Honor Summer Camp.

PEOPLE ARE TALKING about Pretty Much School!

​"Honor" was an incredible class. The classes were immersive and made you feel like you were there: helping me understand what adolescence was like for Native Americans. The numerous topics that we covered during the course gave me a better understanding of Native American culture, society, and theology. The descriptions of the environment and the detail that was put into each assignment that Leslie gave out turned the class from a dull history project into an engaging, educational, and entertaining experience. 
--Jack, student

"All three of my kids have had Leslie as a teacher for a number of years.  They all have very different personalities and learning styles and Leslie’s class is a highlight for each of them. She has a unique ability to truly make learning fun and extremely productive. It’s a win-win for me as a parent and my kids!  I wholeheartedly recommend Leslie." 
--Christina, parent

"The best thing about these classes is learning and having fun at the same time."
--Ezra, student

​The proud cast of the Civil War show.

​Doing a little class work.

​Lunch time at Pretty Much School.

Leslie is a vendor with Pathways Charter School and Compass Charter Schools.

PRETTY MUCH SCHOOL at Pretty Much Ranch, Petaluma

Leslie teaches her special brand of integrated classes that blend history, language arts, and theater for students grades 5 through 8.  Come explore a period in history through historical fiction, interesting texts and historical documents.  Then create a performance piece to bring it all together.  Classes are taught in four-hour blocks, once per week for twelve weeks.  Cost $375.


Leslie offers tutoring in math and language arts, one-on-one or in small groups, for grades 3 through 8.  Get help with filling in the needed skills to give your child confidence in math, reading, and writing.


JURASSIC ISLAND SUMMER CAMP - grades 5-8 - June 15 through June 26

​This camp will take the kids on an exciting ride as they create their own adventure on a modern-day island where an experiment with dinosaurs has run amok.  This camp combines hands-on science, math, research, writing, and art. Monday through Friday for two weeks.  Cost $375 plus $20 for materials.  To register, send an email through the contact link on this website with your child's name and grade level and a good phone number to reach you.


LEWIS AND CLARK - grades 5-8 - January 14 through March 31

  • Learn about the journey and the discoveries of Lewis and Clark as we recreate their voyage through historical reading, stories, and hands-on science.   As a class, create your own performance piece about this important time in America's history.  This class will integrate history, science, language arts, and drama.  Classes will run on Tuesdays for twelve weeks from 10:00 to 2:00.  We will have a lunch recess where kids will play group games and have some good outdoor fun!  Cost $375, plus $20 for materials.  THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL.