Leslie's one-woman show, "The Drama Queen", taken from true stories of her life, whisks the audience off on a ride through Leslie's life after her decision to follow her heart and become a drama major in college.  The ups and downs, tricks and turns, are at once funny, poignant, and inspiring.  Read more about "The Drama Queen" here. Watch a clip of the show here. Leslie is available to perform this show at YOUR event!  Contact Leslie at (707) 971-0677.

Leslie Scatchard's newest one-woman show, "Leap", is on its surface the story of a vacation gone hilariously wrong.  But as Leslie makes her way through the setbacks of the trip, she also discovers that she is on her own personal journey of discovery.  This show is a wonderful combination of haha and aawwww and Leslie will take the audience along on this adventure in her own inimitable storytelling fashion. Read more about this show here.  To purchase a copy of "Leap" in book form, click here.